Professor Dijana MOČNIK, Ph.D.

Research associate of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Member of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Economics

Office: FERI G2.2N.45 št. 39
Phone: ++386 (0)2 220 7089
E-mail: dijana.mocnik@um.si

Curriculum Vitae

Associate professor Dijana Močnik, Ph.D., has received her education in Maribor. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business. After graduation she worked for 8 years in the economy; namely, in marketing in one large company (two years), as a researcher in an R&D department of a holding (4 years) and in the field of valuation, investment plan creation and auditing of small companies. In 1993 she started working at the FEB where she completed her master’s studies in 1994 and doctoral studies in 1998. Since 2001 she has been employed at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FERI) as an assistant professor where she teaches courses in economics, management and entrepreneurship. She lectures both within the university study programme and the professionally oriented study programmes in electrical engineering, computer science and information technologies, telecommunications and media communications.

  • Economics;
  • Economics and Management;
  • Business Economics;
  • Media Economics;
  • Business Policy and Strategic Management;
  • Entrepreneurship.

Research areas:
  • Applied economics;
  • Production and organisation; behaviour of companies, organisation behaviour, transaction costs, ownership rights;
  • Financial economics: Corporate finance and governance;
  • Industrial organisation: Market structure, company strategy and the performance of the market; Entrepreneurship.


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