Professor Emeritus Matjaž MULEJ, Ph.D.

Expert associate of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Member of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Economics

Office: K-112
Phone: ++386 (0)2 22 90 258
E-mail: matjaz.mulej@um.si

Curriculum Vitae

  • Born in 1941, full professor at 42, professor emeritus at 60;
  • Degree in foreign trade (University of Maribor), bachelor’s degree in analytical economics (University of Ljubljana), master’s degree in economic development (University of Belgrade), first Ph.D. in systems theory in economics (University of Zagreb), second Ph.D. in innovation management (University of Primorska);
  • More than 1700 publications (about 60 of which are books and anthologies) in more than 40 countries; two books be published shortly in the USA;
  • The author of the dialectical systems theory and its applicable methodology USOMID, which is widely applied in innovation in numerous organisations and countries;
  • The author of the innovative business model applied in transition countries;
  • A member of four international academies of sciences (New York, Salzburg, Paris, Vienna);
  • The president of IFSR (International Federation for Systems Research – 37 member organisations from all the continents) till 2010, between 2010 and 2012 president of IASCYS (International Academy for Sistems and Cybernetic Sciences), now vice-president;
  • A member of a number of editorial boards and conferences' organising committees (e.g. almost all 28 PODIM Conferences, all 9 STIQUE Conferences, both being unique in the world);
  • Visiting professor at foreign universities (15 semesters in total), short visits and lectures at approximately 50 universities throughout the world;
  • More than 500 lectures and consultancy work in companies in a number of countries;
  • Between 1987 and 1991, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Vice-rector of the University of Maribor;
  • Active sportsman and Yugoslav team member (tennis); 35 years as a sports official;
  • Marries since 1962, two children, four grandchildren;
  • Active cooperation with the universities in Maribor, Ljubljana, Klagenfurt, Graz and Primorska (Slovenia); regular cooperation with the University of Nova Gorica, the ANSTED University in Penang Malaysia, the Novosibirsk State Transport University (Russia), the University of Zagreb, etc.;
  • A number of entries and invitations to Who is Who reference publications;
  • 9 entries in International Encyclopaedia for Systems and Cybernetics, 2004, Saur, Munich (editor Charles François), 2nd edition;
  • Every possible state award in theories and practice of innovative society in Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Maribor and the University of Maribor;
  • Mentor to 44 masters of science, 19 doctors of science (with more theses and dissertations still in progress);
  • In 2011 and 2012 almost 30 international lectures in almost 20 countries.

Research areas:

  • Systems thinking - performance through adequate and required holism in management, goal setting and goal achievement (for individuals and organisations as their means);
  • Innovation management – creation and organisational management of conditions and circumstances to act through adequate and required holism in management, goal setting and goal achievement in innovative operation of enterprises;
  • Social responsibility as a form of innovation and promotion of informal systems thinking and performance through adequate and required holism in management, goal setting and goal achievement (for individuals and organisations as their means).


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