Research programme

Research programs ( represent an area of research, which is relevant and useful for a longer period of time and which is of such importance for Slovenia that there is a national interest, as defined in the National Research and Development Programme, for long-term research by the programme group in this area. Research programmes are carried out by programme groups in public research institutions, universities, independent education institutions and programme groups organised by public and private legal entities on the basis of concessions.

  • Research programme P5-0023: Entrepreneurship for Innovative Society (2004-2008) prolonged for the period 2009-2014.

The core of the research group formed in the late 1990s, when we started with an intensive research of entrepreneurship. Our research programme ‘Podjetništvo za inovativno družbo’ (‘Entrepreneurship for Innovative Society’) helps understand how and with what types of entrepreneurship we are to build an innovative and humane society. The specific circumstances for the implementation of innovative-entrepreneurial activities in a particular country or a broader region influence the size and scope of socially responsible entrepreneurship, which in turn provides a strong support to economic growth and development.

The research group is both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary as its members come from different departments of the Faculty of Economics and Business:

·          Professor Miroslav Rebernik, PhD, head of research group (Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Economics)
·          Professor Polona Tominc, PhD (Department of Quantitative Economic Analysis)
·          Professor Damijan Mumel, PhD (Department of Marketing)
·          Professor Jožica Knez Riedl, PhD (Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Economics)
·          Professor Emeritus Matjaž Mulej, PhD (Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Economics)
·          Associate professor Vojko Potočan, PhD (Department of Organisation and Informatics)
·          Associate professor Gregor Radonjič, PhD (Department of Technology)
·          Associate professor Mojca Duh, PhD (Department of Strategic Management and Company Policy)
·          Assistant professor Karin Širec, PhD (Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Economics)
·          Assistant professor Barbara Bradač Hojnik, PhD (Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Economicsa)
·          Assistant Katja Crnogaj, PhD (Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Economics)
Our programme group is closely linked and highly engaged. We take advantage of all the resources needed for a successful implementation of the programme. Among the resources are definitely the highly professional international networks in which we participate actively. All researchers also take part in pedagogical work at Slovenian and foreign universities.




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