Professor Jožica KNEZ RIEDL, Ph.D.

Member of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Member of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Economics
Head of the study field 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation' within the Bologna master’s programme

Office: K-111
Phone: ++386 (0)2 22 90 261
E-mail: jozica.knez@uni-mb.si

Curriculum Vitae


  • 1972 – bachelor’s degree at VEKŠ Maribor, employed at the ‘Ekonomski center Maribor’ as a researcher;
  • 1974 – part-time employment at VEKŠ Maribor;
  • 1976 – 1978 employed at CERTUS, TOZD AP as analyst-planning expert, at SDK (Subsidiary in Maribor) as an inspector, analyst-consultant;
  • 1988 – master’s degree at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Maribor;
  • 1993 – full-time employment at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Maribor;
  • 1998 – doctoral degree at the Faculty of Economics and Business Maribor, academic title –assistant professor for economics of business systems;
  • 2000 – head of higher education professional study programme ‘Entrepreneurship;
  • 2004 – academic title associate professor for economics of business systems;
  • 2007 – head lecturer of courses ‘Foundations of Business Economics’, new courses within undergraduate and postgraduate programmes; the head of the study field ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ within the Bologna master’s study programme; head lecturer of the course ‘Benchmarking’ at the Faculty of Economics Rijeka (post-graduate specialisation programme).
Further training:
  • doctoral studies seminar RENT VII Conference Research in Entrepreneurship Workshop, Budapest (1993),
  • Faculty of Economics and De Vlerick School of Management, Gent (1994 and 1995),
  • Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien, Institut für Kreditwesen (1994 and 1997),
  • University College of Borås, Sweden (1995),
  • Faculty of Law and Economics, University of Bayreuth (1996).

  • Prof. Knez Riedl lectures in the field of management and accounting, runs seminars for companies and institutions and seminars for the further training of auditors at the Slovenian Institute of Auditors, at ZRFDR, at DRFR Maribor, ZES and DEM. She also runs seminars at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and participates in e-training of entrepreneurship consultants.
  • She also took part in the post-graduate programme at the Karl Franzens Universitaet Graz, Institut für Innovation- und Umweltmanagement.

Contributions at conferences and awards:
  • Prof. Knez Riedl has participated at 77 scientific conferences (59 international); she has authored one scientific monograph, scientific papers in four international scientific journals and six professional papers in monographs; she has also published 13 professional papers and presented 19 contributions at professional conferences.
  • ‘Bonitetne informacije in informacijska asimetrija’(1996 – the award for the best conference contribution at ‘Dnevi slovenske informatike’;
  • ‘Approaching sustainable organization’ (first author) –Meritorious Award Winning Paper at the IIAS 2001 Symposium in Baden-Baden.

  • Prof. Knez Riedl has authored a university textbook ‘Benchmarking’ (in English), 9 study handbooks, on-line materials for the courses within the Bologna programmes at the undergraduate and post-graduate level as well as for further training of entrepreneurship consultants.

  • Prof. Knez Riedl has been a thesis mentor at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral level. Two of her candidates received the ‘Perlach Award’ (Anja Cipot – 2002, Rok Podgornik – 2003).

  • Prof. Knez Riedl is the chair of the UO DRFR Maribor and the chair of the programme committee of the DRFR conference.
  • She is the memeber of the Section for business analysis at within ZES.
  • Prof. Knez Riedl was a member of the management board at DEM, a member of the organizing committee of the international conference ‘Management and Development – MER’, a member of the expert committee at the ‘Inštitut za razvoj družbene odgovornosti’, a member of the administrativet board of ‘Društvo univerzitetnih učiteljev Maribor’.
  • She was also a member of ‘Slovensko društvo za sistemsko raziskovanje’ and of ‘Slovensko društvo za visokošolsko didaktiko’.

  • Business Economics (University education programme – lecturer);
  • Foundations of Business Economics (Higher professional education programme – head and lecturer);
  • Managerial Economics (University education programme – co-head and lecturer);
  • Environmental Economics (University education programme – head and lecturer);
  • Creditworthiness, Trustworthiness, Rating of an Organisation (Master’s programme – head and lecturer);
  • Economics of Socially Responsible Enterprise (Master’s programme – head and lecturer);
  • Economics of Project and Project Risk Management (Master’s programme – head and lecturer);
  • Benchmarking (Post-graduate specialisation programme at the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka – head and lectuer).

Research areas:
  • Business economics;
  • Creditworthiness, Trustworthiness, Rating of an Organisation (emphasis on non-financial indicators);
  • Business operation s analysis (emphasis on the systems of indicators);
  • Benchmarking;
  • Environmental economics;
  • Corporate social responsibility;
  • Economics of projects.

Participation in research programmes and projects:
  • Scientific research project ‘Ekonomski in organizacijski ukrepi za krepitev inovativnega poslovanja’ (J5-8979);
  • ‘Obvladovanje razvoja malih in srednje velikih podjetij’ (J5-3299);
  • Basic research programme ‘Inovativno podjetje v tranziciji’, financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (PO-0502-0585);
  • Basic research project ‘Slovenski podjetniški monitor’, finaniced by the Ministry of Education and Sport;
  • Target research project ‘Slovenski podjetniški observatorij in vključevanje v GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor)’;
  • Basic research programme ‘Podjetništvo za inovativno družbo’ (P5-0023);
  • International research project ’Strategijski i operativno upravljanje poduzećem’ (081001);
  • International project ‘CSR – Code for Smart Reality among SMEs’, financed by the EU.


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