Asisstant Professor Tjaša ŠTRUKELJ, PhD

Member of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Member of the Department of Strategic Management and Company Policy

Phone: ++386 (0)2 22 90 259
e-mail: tjasa.strukelj@um.si

Curriculum Vitae

M. Sc. Tjaša Štrukelj is a senior lecturer for Business Policy, Strategic Management, Enterprise Culture, and Enterprise Ethics at the University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business, Department of Strategic Management and Business Policy, Maribor, Slovenia. Her postgraduate education includes titles Master of Science (of University Maribor, Slovenia) and KMU – Diplom HSG (SME Intensive Study Program of University St. Gallen, Switzerland). She prepares doctoral thesis (dissertation) on subject Dialectical System of Viewpoints for Innovating of Governance and Management of a Transitional Enterprise and publishes in field of her research. She is (co)author of articles in in several monographs, (inter)national journals and conferences (http://www.cobiss.si/). She does also confidential clerk work, advisory work in business praxis, is a coeditor of series of professional monographs Contemporary Business and economics, Slovenia (2011-), is a member of editorial board of MER Journal for Management and Development, Slovenia (1999-), a member of SME Intensive Study Program Graduate Association of University St. Gallen, Switzerland (1998-), a member of IMTA – International Management Teachers Academy Alumni Association of IEDC – Bled School of Management, Slovenia (of CEEMAN – Central and East European Management Development Association) (2006-), a member of IRDO – Institute for Development of Social Responsibility, Slovenia (2009-), and a member of Emerald Literati Network, United Kingdom (2010-).


  • Business Policy and Strategic Management (Professional higher education programme);
  • Culture and Ethics of an Enterprise (Professional higher education programme);
  • Small Business Management (Professional higher education programme);
  • Familiy Businesses Management (University programme).

Research areas:
  • Business Policy
  • Strategic management
  • Corporate culture
  • Business ethics
  • Social responsibility
  • Management and administration of familiy businesses
  • Management and administration of SME's


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